Anonymous asked: What video you're talking about ? And does he really have a private ig ? If he does people should really respect his privacy 😪

its a video of him doing a second als ice bucket challenge and yeah he does have a private ig but now the video’s leaked so i dont think its considered safe and private anymore.

and yeah i totally agree that people should respect his privacy, i mean what else did he create a private ig for? its good that he has a public ig where we can freely like and comment things and whatever. idk what’ll happen to his public ig if this continues. if the worst happened and he decided to delete his public ig, theres no one to blame but those obsessive “vips” who cant back off and let him have some space.

Whoever hacked and spread the video now, deserves to be punished. Don’t you know the consequences? Not just for yourself, but for Kwon Jiyong? Imagine how vulnerable he must feel. The paranoia he would go through in everything he signs up to, registers, sees on the internet, etc. Just because he’s a public figure does not mean you or anyone has the authority to make everything about his life public.

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oh my god someone hacked gd’s private instagram account how do you even live with yourself i cant even

“These guys are young but they’re already massive. That sounded wrong.”

Dylan O’Brien on 5SOS (via fivesource)

140825 G-Dragon at Tazza 2 Movie Premiere

during TOP’s greeting session, GD kept shouting “so handsome! so handsome!” & he was only person that shouted LOL

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Safety Officer Kwon Jiyong looking out for potential danger on the set [x]