"A song can’t change the world. But the song can change his three minutes. His three minutes can change his three hours. His three hours can change his three days. His three days can change his three months. His three months can change his three years. His three years can change his life. His life can change peoples’ lives. And people can change the world."

-Kwon Jiyong

“In your little smile, there’s a big storm in my heart”
G Dragon, R.O.D (via ummulsalamah)
"YG's GDragon is your name on my phone." - Seungri

Have a drunk Big Bang :D

"He might also be the kid who gets bullied by everyone cause of his position." [laughs] - TOP

Mark Ruffalo: The Fangirl

Jackson and Wooyoung’s first awkward encounter (trans)


He is good at everything………except skipping rope


giggling jiyong


The way he smiles on the stages is so precious to me.


He is also a genius of effort.